Tuesday, 26 August 2014

New custom Rhea Studio eye chips!

I was Browsing Etsy looking for some eye-chips for a tan TBL I intend on purchasing when I came across Rhea Studio I really like her style and seeing as they were only about $15 a pair I thought I would try out her stuff.

She was an absolute pleasure to do business with, I sent her a private message asking if she could do two commissions similar to ones in her store but with black pupils, she got back to me almost instantly and accepted the commission and they were ready to purchase in TWO DAYS! literally two days.

I was so excited, but I thought since they were coming from china they might take a while, but a week later they were here!

The packaging was very cute!

She sent me this keyring as a little freebie! It was really unexpected seeing as the chips were such a bargain anyway! I'm looking forward to putting it on my keys and showing my Blythe love ;)

sparkly Blues and purples

slightly sparkly eyes that remind me of dusk

adorable big glitter light pink eyes!

Edit: Nothing to do with the eye chip quality, they are perfect. but I accidentally cracked one of the pink ones :( I tried to pop it into my tan TBL when she arrived but she is a TBL+ which i did not know, and her sockets were too small. All the other chips went in fine, I shaved the sockets down a little with a craft knife to solve the problem.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Edie's many mistakes ;)

Meet Edie.

 You may have seen her before here. she looks a little different now.
she was originally a factory girl with long (down to her knees) blonde hair, but she's had a few makeovers since. Here is a little timeline of some changes:

This is what she looks like now, Please excuse her little white body! Shes awaitng a pure neemo one that i will try to dye. She has a lavender hug scalp and dome that has had some minor fringe trimming and been cut into a chunky messy bob by me. I got the bob for $55 from Dolly duds and sundries on Facebook, The seller, Katarzyna Piotrowicz-Makula, was great! I'm still a little apprehensive about buying things from facebook so it was lovely that she kept me up to date with everything and provided tracking numbers, it also arrived nice and fast :)

This is the spraying process, This had to be done a few times and eventually just moved indoors altogether as every piece of dust and fluff and hair ever decided to stick to her face. I ended up doing it on a bin bag at the kitchen table and airing the room out afterwards. I would not recommend doing this to a Blythe you loved or paid a lot of money for as your first go, I have used spray paints before and it was still much harder than I expected!

This was the original plan, to paint her with Acrylic, i used a makeup sponge to apply it, but I didn't like the texture it left so thats how i got onto the spray can above.

This picture I've used before on the blog to show the scalp I traded for, because it seemed such a waste to cut that lovely long hair and my like ladies like their hair 'manageable'. I wasn't too keen on the translucent faceplates either so i gave her some colour and freckles to try to stop her looking washed out.

This is the original Factory Girl

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Blythe Haul

On the day after valentines, I returned home to find all of this waiting for me! I'd forgotten that when I had been ordering it through the week it was likely to come around then. It was a wonderful valentines present to myself!
Almost everything that I ordered arrived, I was only waiting on the limlims store stuff (which has arrived since). 
All my lovely teeswater locks have arrived, my photo doesn't have very good lighting so if you click here you can see the true colours.

My Emma mount print arrived in record time

I bought some 'Doll needles' off eBay, although I won't put a link in, because they were a little rusty -still in packet. So i wouldn't recommend the seller.

My lovely doll clothes from lita  they are beautiful, I did a trade with her but would definitely buy from her shop in the future.

I also got this scalp i traded with Angie Blythe on Facebook for my factory girl Edie's Blonde long scalp.

My coolcat scalp arrived from Elena too! so i can start work straight away!

This is the scalp i traded with Angie Blythe for, i hope she likes her one! I love it! I gave Edie a little bit of a face up but I have to say, I think I'm just not as keen on translucent faceplates. she also needs her lips to be finished ASAP.

Enjoy yourselves,

Monday, 17 February 2014

worst news ever! lost scalp!

I somehow left my half finished scalp in a hotel room, I sent an email as soon as I arrived home and realised, but it was too late the scalp is no more :( the hotel say they searched and can't find it but didn't throw it away. But i have checked and rechecked my bag and i don't have it.

It is more likely that they did find it, thought it was a broken half bald doll head nobody wanted and threw it out (but I don't think they are allowed to admit that)

After narrowly avoiding crying (I know it's babyish but it was my first scalp and it had taken me well over 10 hours to get to that point) then sulking for a day, I ordered some new mohair and tracked down a blank coolcat scalp. I got the scalp from a lady called elena on dolly duds, you can check out her etsy here. the scalps are pretty scarce at the moment because the coolcat shop is moving office or something, its all very confusing but it basically means that there are none on eBay.

 I would have ordered the hair from the same shop as before, but since I have now had the practice I think I can save some money and stray from the weft. I also could not bear the idea of doing the same colour because it would be too depressing after losing the last one ;)
8 inch locks
I got the beautiful Teeswater locks from Oksana at  La Fiaba Russa on Etsy, she has a nice variety of great colours and she updates her shop regularly, i am already dreaming of reroots for future dolls i don't own yet, based on her colours! She also has a blog you can check out here!
The photographs are really true to colour, as in absolutely perfect. This IS the colour locks were when they arrived. I was surprised because when you buy anything like this off the internet you do expect the colour to be a bit of a lucky dip, but not in this case. LaFiabaRussa's photos were spot on.

photos courtesy of LaFiabaRussa on etsy
10 - 11 inch locks
My new 'Mohair' ( It's technically teeswater wool i think) didn't take long to arrive from italy (to the uk) It arrived within a few days! I bought two colours, a soft pink and a kind of orange/coral mix.

The hair is STUNNING. It almost feels a shame to out it on the doll, its just nice to look at by itself! I wish it was appropriate just to frame it and stare at it all day.

All in all, the two and a half onces above was £31 ish pounds shipped.


Day one and two : I was really excited so I got quite a lot done on the first day, until I had to go to a family occasion. On the second day i did a little in the morning and then brought the scalp and a intaglio printing tool (used to punch the holes) in the car when i went to pick up a friend from Victoria coach station. I'd be waiting in the car for a while, so I utilised this time to punch all my holes. I've been using the lock n loop technique because the teeswater wool is soooo lovely and long. 

the scalp is a little damp here, you can see the orange and pink mix more when its wet, it reminds me of those Bassetts Fruit Salad sweets. it looks much less stripy when its fluffy! 

This picture was taken on day two with all the hair so far in a little bun.

This is day three. the section that isn't tied up is what i did in my lunch break (after i'd eaten) i think i am probably the office weirdo. They are used to this kind of thing, i'm forever bringing in crafts to do at lunch.

By day 6 I was just itching to have it finished so I sat down and plugged and plugged till i ran out of hair! It was my first Reroot from locks, not wefted brushed mohair so i lost a lot of hair through ignorance and bad brushing! The key seems to be patience, the more you have with your brushing, the further your hair will go.

Harriet has had a new faceup to go with her scalp, she is chuffed ;)

Enjoy yourselves, 

Emma Mount Etsy

Teddi bear the curious print 8/50 signed (roughly £10)

As part of my Blythe binge I bought a print from Emma Mounts Etsy store. Emma makes the most beautiful oil paintings of Blythe dolls. She sells the originals but luckily for me and my purse she also sells prints! The paintings are wonderful but i am just too poor :(
 I had her in my favourites for a few weeks and losing Harriets scalp was just the push i needed to spoil myself! I bought the print above 'Teddi bear the curious' I absolutely love it! It arrived really quick too! i bought it on the 11th (probably late at night) and it arrived on the 14th or 15th in a nice sturdy do not bend carded envelope, with extra card put in for support. The print is great quality and I can not wait to have it on my wall. Emma also included an absolutely gorgeous postcard set for free.

I've been eyeing up a few other things in her Etsy as well, the painting below is for sale (I can't afford it, but one can dream, right?) she also sells a cushion cover of the same print for £15 which is more in my price range! I'm a little worried about posting this in case some one buys it before i get the chance!

big Blythe Doll Painting 'Arora the Inspiration'' 20 x 24" £251.44

She does some really cute cameos also. I don't think I will ever have any money if she keeps making things this lovely.

She has some a wide variety of items, They aren't all Blythe related either, which means they make good gifts for any girl! At the moment i'm eyeing up the cushions and pocket mirrors. I am actually in need of a nice pocket mirror.

I included this listing too, as its stunning, but I don't have any babies so it would be a little silly for me to buy a baby blanket.

Baby Patchwork Quilt blythe doll rain elephants shamrocks £67.38

also my boyfriend might get scared if I buy a baby blanket, he might think I'm hinting

can't a girl just like cute blankets without being broody?

Enjoy yourselves, Eleanor

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Limilims Store Bargains

I joined the dolly duds and sundries group on Facebook and i am already pretty hooked. I've done a few trades so far (Trading is the best!) but i just made my first few purchases.

I'm still reeling from the loss of Harriet's scalp (see last post) so i have decided to spoil myself, the nice thing about the group is that you get to see a lot of sellers you wouldn't have stumbled upon, and there is a massive price range so that means there are lots of quality art type pieces but also a lot of bargains!

Last week, whilst trawling through the endless stream of cute things, I spotted this dress. I thought it was lovely so no doubt too much money for me! I was expecting it to be maybe $18-$25 but when  I clicked it was only $8! I restrained myself and said that there were no more Blythe treats this week, but seeing as i lost that scalp and need to shop myself out of this sulk, It's Blythe treats ahoy!
Blythe Blue dress $8.00 photo taken from
Simply vanilla stock $10 photo taken from
brown Blythe sunglasses $6.00 photo taken from
seriously cheap huh? i saw some other vanilla stocks out there but they were more around the $25 mark. When i went back to buy, after my considerations, I saw that on dolly duds and sundries (the facebook group) the seller had also put a 20% off code! the code is '20percent' and meant that with postage to England from Israel was only $25.50 (roughly £15)!!!

Check out lililims store here. There ares still some lovely items I haven't bought yet ;) got my eye on the floral capris, paul frank romper and the yellow dress!

Literally cannot believe how cheap it was! The postage ended up having some complications, that were due to weather, not any fault of the seller. The package was posted on time (i double checked tracking), but there was some kind of internal postage kerfuffle.

The seller was great about the postage worries, with constant contact and updates. I know how upsetting it can be as a seller when you've done everything right and for reasons beyond your control things still go wrong! The package was lovely and everything inside was great quality and an absolute bargain!

Enjoy yourselves,

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Waffle house: Hertfordshire Dolly Club meet

I'm not a very good blogger, i think to be a good blogger you have to take nice photos of everything nice you see. which i forget to do.
I went to a Hertfordshire Dolly Club meet from the group on Facebook, It was lovely, all the dolls were lovely, yet somehow (i think out of (hopefully well hidden) nervousness) i only took pictures of the dolls that were in my section of the table. It wasn't even a big table! As soon as i got home i wished i had taken a more comprehensive collection of photos but its too late. better luck next time ;)

The redheads: my meowsy wowsy Mary, my zinochika Noleen, Amys lovely redhead August, Paiges clone Willow

The Hertfordshire dolly meet had a bigger variety of Dolls because it wasn't Blythe exclusive. I was amazed at how big some of the BJDs actually were! I had only ever seem them in pictures before with nothing for reference. Some of them were HUGE!

Amys beautiful custom with her lovely clothes, my factory girl edie with zinochika Noleen
Amy does customs for an amazing price on her etsy store
 (£25 although i do beleive it's being raised to £30)

more redhead shots!


This is Laura from liquiriziadolly's beautiful custom, If i remember correctly, she's a sunshine holiday with a nostalgic pop scalp. Seeing her in the flesh let me see how much life metallic chips bring to a girl. Luckilly Laura sells her chips on her Etsy store! Unluckily for me there is only one pair left and I have made myself poor by Blythe bingeing

a rather messy shot of the table covered in dolls!

Enjoy yourselves,